Monday, 18 February 2013

It's Tea Time - 1

I love to have a cup of tea. And if the tea is in the Best Bracket, it feels awesome.
I'll share some of my works with best of the teas in the world.

A new product came up 5 years back - called "Tea Stick". It's basically a foil made hollow "stick"containing leaf tea. The use is same as a tea bag, but the difference is, in tea bags you can't have leaves - not enough space to open. But here the leaves can open and make a fine cup of tea.

The first challenge was the photograph. In a cup you can't show the infuser properly. And a transparent cup was looking too shallow for such leaf teas.

I got a nice cup from my sister-in-law to shoot (which I cared not to break) and did the shooting.
It was featured in Time Magazine in a few months.

We played a lot with this product and even created "Chai-Tini" ... tea with Martini !!

Client: Petit Tea, Canada

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hi friends ...

I was off from the blog arena for some days. It's time to join back.