Monday, 8 April 2013

When clients have budget constraint ...

Oditi is a small fashion brand. They are excellent at their field, but like any other start up, they had a budget constrain for a campaign. We need fashion photography, but had no money to hire a model.

Well, if there is a will, there must be a way.

We used a mannequin as model !!!!!
Used the simplest of equipments for photography item.
And it worked.
Worked fine.

UI does work - but how?

Well, this question is asked by clients,  frequently.
The attached Case Study will address - "How does UI work".

A nice and huge software was made by a Bangalore based Corporate, for telecom operators. The main function is to "block" and "allow" predefined numbers with respect to predefined time and location. It was a marvel, but very complicated also.

A meeting was going on with a Kuwait based telecom giant. They were interested in the product, but were at a loss in understanding the functionalities. These functionalities were designed in such a way that if the back end data is uploaded properly, the front end will work fine. But the design flaw was, the back end and front end was mixed together, and any user, at a first look, will be at a loss with so many options. We were called at this stage.

We studied the structure and understood the complexities. Pointed to some overlaps, logical incompleteness etc. But, most importantly, we "divided" the software in two parts. One part for the "assistant" who will upload the phone numbers, make the groups etc. And the other part is for the "boss" who will click on a button to start or end a predefined task.

We started calliing it "one touch screen".
And it took a couple of meetings after that to start ending the deal :)


Monday, 18 February 2013

It's Tea Time - 1

I love to have a cup of tea. And if the tea is in the Best Bracket, it feels awesome.
I'll share some of my works with best of the teas in the world.

A new product came up 5 years back - called "Tea Stick". It's basically a foil made hollow "stick"containing leaf tea. The use is same as a tea bag, but the difference is, in tea bags you can't have leaves - not enough space to open. But here the leaves can open and make a fine cup of tea.

The first challenge was the photograph. In a cup you can't show the infuser properly. And a transparent cup was looking too shallow for such leaf teas.

I got a nice cup from my sister-in-law to shoot (which I cared not to break) and did the shooting.
It was featured in Time Magazine in a few months.

We played a lot with this product and even created "Chai-Tini" ... tea with Martini !!

Client: Petit Tea, Canada

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hi friends ...

I was off from the blog arena for some days. It's time to join back.